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adidas Samba Millennium are great indoor activity shoes which have the excellent combination of high quality materials and top notch technologies. These shoes have lightweight construction from the rich materials which make these shoes very sturdy and fabulous. These shoes have great cushioning and support to offer so you can have stress free and comforting activities. The upper of these shoes has been made form the Arena Leather which is very comfortable to wear and it offers long lasting wear. The upper has cushioned collar and tongue to keep your feet free from lace pressure and ti keep your ankle well supported to ensure maximum comfort. The lace up closure on the top allows you to customized the fastening as per your convenience. These shoes have the soft interior lining which draws the moisture off your feet to ensure fresh, dry and healthy wearing. This lining allows you to wear these shoes for hours without any blisters or abrasion. The interior of these shoes has the soft insole which keeps the surface under your feet in magnificent comfort and it also deliver superior support. The insole also molds as per the shape of your feet with gradual use to deliver personalized fit. The midsole has the TORSION technology which attenuates the shock upon impact and ensure that your feet remain in ultimate comfort. This midsole deliver resilient ride to make your each step very comforting. The outsole of these shoes has been made from the gun rubber. This rubber is very durable and it also ensure long lasting durability to the high wear areas of the outsole. The outsole has been designed to maintain good traction on multiple surfaces so you can run fast and get multi-directional movements without any skid. This outsole makes you each stride maximum efficient and it also deliver stability and smoother ride. You can find this style in these colors: Black/ Running White and White/ Black.


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Macbamboo from Orange, CA

These are the shoes I will use to run the marathon leg of Ironman AZ. I have used the Beast the past 3 years. My feet and legs continue to withstand the pounding. The new shoe is an upgrade from the past versions. It feels real good & looks very stylish.

George from Valencia, CA

I experience no foot pain at all. I wear the shoes to the gym and then to work. I have no complaints and I really don't know how many pairs of the Beast shoes I ha e purchased. Great product. It's funny when people come up. To me and want to talk about how great the shoes are.

Riff RN from Michigan

prior to discovering the Beast and Addiction I had so much pain after working the line I had to practically bathe my shins and feet in biofreeze. This will be my fifth pair of Brooks and I am excited about this new color too! I now work as a nurse and I feel just fine after 12 hours on my feet...with some minor arch stretches of course to help prevent plantar fasciitis from flaring up.


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