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adidas Flight Path are very comfortable shoes which have been made from the rich and fabulous materials to deliver you excellent cushioning and unbeatable comfort. These shoes have superior built quality to ensure long lasting wearing. The modern technologies used in the construction of these shoes enhance their life and deliver you balanced and efficient stride always. The upper of these shoes has been made form the synthetic leather which is smooth and very comfortable. The upper has the collar padded with the foam to keep your ankle in premium comfort and best support. These shoes have the lace up closure which allows you customized and snug fastening to maintain secure fit fir better performance. The upper also has padded tongue to keep the lace pressure off your feet and prevent lace bruises. These shoes have the interior lined with the textile which is very soft and it offers breathability to keep the interior environment maximum fresh and dry. This lining absorbs the moisture from your feet to ensure odorless, healthy and dry wearing. The insole has been made from EVA which is very lightweight material. This material also has the ability to absorb the heat from your feet and then contour as per the shape of your feet for best comfort and custom fit. This material also disperses the shocks upon impact to ensure ultimate comfort. The midsole has also been made from the EVA which multiples the comfort and it prevents the stress son your feet and legs by dissipating shocks with each step. The outsole of these shoes has been made from the non-marking solid rubber which is lightweight and flexible. This outsole provides superior foot movement to deliver you great performance. The outsole ensure efficient stride and balance ride so you can move around easily. The outsole has unique tread configuration which offers great grip and traction on multiple terrains for slip resistant and secure ride. These imported shoes weigh 15 ounces as per size 12. You can find this style in these colors: Metallic Silver/ Black/ Running White, Bright Blue/ Running White/ Black and Light Scarlet/ Black.


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Weasel from DFW, TX

I've had my 10's for about a week now and LOVE them. My 9's were wearing out and needed replaced a couple months ago but I waited for these rather than get another pair of 9's. I have about 50 miles of walking/jogging/interval on them so I don't know how they'll wear, but so far so good. If you liked the 9's you'll like the 10's. I'm a big guy (6' 220lbs) and my feet/knees feel great after working out in them… just like the 9's. My only complaint is the price (I feel [$] is REALLY pushing the limit) and the mediocre insert that comes with the shoe. Side note and just my personal preference… I loved the grey/green 9's and was hoping the 10's would have a similar layout. Well they do except the hideous white stripe that goes across the front of the shoe by the toes. It ruined a great shoe in my opinion. So… I ordered the High Risk Red version and LOVE them! Wish Brooks would offer a few more color choices in their shoes.

Fallout guy from New Creek, WV

My first review of a Brooks shoes! I have 3 pairs of the 9's and love them. Was really excited when the 10's. Love the design. They seem to be not as soft as the 9's but still comfortable. Great fit except around the big toe area the white piece that comes back along the toe. Where the pieces were sewn on the inside rubs my toe the whole time I walk. Will return for another pair! Hopefully it is just with this pair.

SCRUNNER from Cola, SC

Thanks for the wonderful color choice for those of us with 2E wide feet. A black shoe. Great for summer scorcher can hear your feet sizzle inside the black mini ovens as they soak up as much heat as possible. Good news! I'll be in a normal width soon and at least a size down.


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