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adidas F5 IN W are the lightweight shoes which will deliver great performance for indoor soccer. These shoes are the combination of premium materials and excellent built quality to ensure long lasting comfortable and durable wearing. These shoes have lightweight construction which allows you better performance and these shoes also promise stability and support. The construction of these shoes offer rapid and razor sharp turning along with high speed running. These shoes have the upper made from the synthetic material which is lightweight and it molds as per the shape of your feet to deliver you excellent fit. The upper also has the lacing system which offers custom and snug fastening to lock the foot down securely. The lacing system is asymmetrical which offers more ball contact surface. The collar has been padded to keep the feet in comfort and this padded also deliver support. The tongue also has been padded to keep your feet in comfort and free from lace bruises. The interior has smooth lining to keep your feet comfortable and blister free. This lining absorbs the moisture from your feet to ensure healthy, odorless and fresh interior environment. The insole has been made from the EVA which offers great comfort. This insole is lightweight and it absorbs the heat from the body to contour as per the shape of your feet for maximum comfort and excellent support. The midsole has been made from the EVA which works with the EVA insole to fade the shocks upon each impact. The midsole prevents the shocks from traveling up your spine to ensure great comfort and no fatigue. The outsole of these shoes has been made from the non-marking rubber which is lightweight and very durable. The non-marking rubber offers long lasting wear to the high wear areas of these shoes. The outsole has been configured to maintain grip on multiple terrains for best performance and slip free ride. The outsole ensure excellent stability, better balanced and efficiency stride. These imported shoes weigh 10 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: Bright Pink/ Metallic Silver.



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Joe from Hermiston, OR

I am a big, ex-army guy who has always had high arches and struggled with a lack of support in running shoes and combat boots. In the 15+ years I have been a civilian, I have not found a better shoe for walking than this. My only, very minor complaint is that the brown shoe is not smooth leather and so is harder to clean. Other than that, the shoe is perfect.

Honor from Orlando, FL

I have some serious structure issues in my feet that have required multiple surgeries. When I had my last surgery I worked at job where I was on my feet for 9+ hours. Even after the surgery (which did help) I am in massive pain just standing for a few minutes, running, and jumping. My orthopedic surgeon recommended these shoes specifically to help with support and shock (in addition to my inserts). I didn't want to like these shoes because they are not attractive, but they made a world of difference for me. Since getting them, I can/could walk around a theme park for 8+ hours, and come home in little or no pain. Previously, I could barely stand some days. I know it's the shoes helping, because even in bare feet I am in pain. These shoes have let me do things I couldn't before. They have endured 6+ years of CONSTANT use. I am just now replacing them after noticing performance decrease and just NOW having the rubber sole wear out. Excellent support and shock absorption. These sneakers have almost changed my life.


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