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Adidas Barricade Team 2 Sneakers


adidas Barricade Team 2 are ultimate tennis shoes designed to deliver you high performance. These shoes have lightweight and highly durable construction which makes these shoes ideal for hard, rapid and rough running. These shoes are loaded with excellent technologies which ensure that your each stride is highly comfortable and sturdy. These technologies also ensure stability, support and superior cushioning which deliver you great performance during aggressive play. The upper has been made from the rich and soft synthetic leather which has tiny piercings. This upper offers breathability to allow fresh air to get into these shoes to keep the interior maximum fresh. The upper also offers comfortable and snug fit to make these shoes move perfectly with your feet. The upper has the lace up closure along with the metallic eyelets. This lacing system allows you to lock your feet down securely to get ultimate performance. The tongue has been padded and it has been lined with the mesh. This tongue keeps the lace pressure off your feet and it also prevents lace bruises. The tongue offers superior cushioned from the top to keep your feet comfortable. The interior has the lining of textile which is very comfortable and soft to keep your feet abrasion and blister free. This lining draws the moisture off your feet and it deliver healthy, odorless and dry wearing. The interior of these shoes also has the EVA inserts which has been anatomically corrected to deliver perfect fit, excellent cushioning and unbeatable comfort. The toe box has been made from the adiTUFF which is abrasion resistant and it offers additional durability to these shoes. The forefoot of these shoes features adiPRENE+ which enhances the performance by delivering more efficiency and propulsion. The midsole foot has been fitted with the TORSION SYSTEM which offers excellent support and it offers more comfort. The heel has adiPRENE which attenuates and fades away the shocks upon each impact to ensure your feet get luxurious comfort and stress free performance. The outsole of these shoes has been made from the adiWEAR 6 rubber which has excellent durability to offer tot he high wear areas of the outsole. This outsole is flexible to promote premium performance and it also offers great stability to keep your stride efficient and balanced. The outsole also ensure grip on multiple surfaces for slip free running. You can find this style in these colors: Black/ Iron/ Running White.



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TJ from PA

Would need to wear it 8 hours a day -plus---could never do that with the cardboard 3/4 sole. Saw it, got upset that it was not mentioned in the description, and tried it on- no go. I can feel that and don't like it.

Jack from Milwaukee, WI

I am typically a 10 wide. The 2E turned out to be narrow. They are very comfortable with a thin pair of socks but athletic socks make my feet feel cramped. I don't give them too many points for style either. I will wear them with pants but I'll have to find another pair for wearing with shorts. Personal preference.

No more Toe Pain from Washington, DC

I purchased two pairs (white and black) because my orthopedic doctor recommended I try them. I also tried another comparable brand at the same store, at the same time, but discovered that the Brooks shoe allowed me to walk without any arthritis pain, while with the other, pain was a bit more noticeable. Now, several months later, I still walk long distances with them without the toe pain that I get when walking in normal dress shoes. I would encourage anyone with an arthritic big toe give them a try.

J the avid walker from Raleigh North Carolina

They remained very stiff. They never broke in. Material in heel box and sole quickly wore out. becoming very abrasive, causing terrible blisters. Even with moleskin and blister pads, the shoes still abrade and blister badly. Since they were Adidas, I gave them a year to break in. They never did. I wish I'd sent them back immediately. In the past I used Brooks trail running shoes for walking shoes and I have had good luck with them.


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